My family is being nice

When you are a child, going to the doctor or the dentist can be a scary thing. You aren’t quite sure what to expect and a lot of times it involves some kind of and immunization or shot. When your parents tell you, you are just going for a check-up you find it hard to believe. When I was a kid I would make up excuses as to why I didn’t have to go or couldn’t go but they never really bought it. I myself, wasn’t really afraid of the doctor I just hated going to his office. If you would have made house calls it would have been great because at least at my house I knew I would be comfortable.  I gave our pediatrician the nickname “Doctor Heat”. This was because no matter what time of year, his office was always sweltering hot. You have probably heard the exact opposite complaint for most people when they are at the doctors as most of them leave their office is cooler to prevent the spread of germs. This guy wanted his place to feel like a sauna all the time and I was sweating because it was hot not because I was nervous. His office was located in a high-rise downtown and there were no windows that opened to either. I know that my mom was always warm as well but she never complained to the staff about the temperature. I would voice my objection to going as I got older and tell them exactly why but my parents trusted the doctor and said I was just being oversensitive. I was glad when I got old enough to choose my own doctor and never went back there again.

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