My family welcomes zoned Heating and A/C

It seems love until recently, our family was typically at war over the Heating and A/C setting.

It was love nobody could ever agree on a compromise Heating and A/C temperature. The guys were forever turning down the control component because they were hot. But, our daughter, who is a tiny thing, would be shivering. I would see her grumping around in hoodies and sweatshirts in the middle of the summer. I thought maybe installing a smart control component would help the situation. It would precisely monitor the Heating and A/C output, saving us money and giving us consistent temperatures. Plus, I could lock almost everyone else from fooling with the settings. But, our youngsters hacked our codes somehow so that didn’t work the way I had planned. Finally, I called the Heating and A/C folks that all of us do supplier with. They sent out an Heating and A/C professional to survey the scene. The girl was really thorough with her inspections and did a bunch of measurements. Her verdict was that all of us were perfect candidates for zone control Heating and A/C. She explained the with the upgrades of some valves and dampers, she could change the existing Heating and A/C over to zone control. That meant there would be 6 separately controlled temperature zones throughout the house. There would be independent control units that could be used to customize the temperature in these separate spaces. Both of us went with it and it turned out great. Now, I have a family that is both comfortable and not warring with each other over the Heating and A/C. I have even seen our daughter wearing a t-shirt and shorts in the house. Will wonders ever cease?

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