My father always thought it was severely cold outside

My father was a cool aged guy, however he had his oddities.

He would easily lay outside in the middle of the warm season. It would still be ninety degrees in the shade, plus he would have his sweater on. I would watch him rest in his porch rocker plus spend various hours just looking out at the mountains, plus smiling. I often would wonder what he was smiling at. I couldn’t truly believe it was because he was totally comfortable. Everyone else would be inside the lake dwelling with the cooling appliance. My father grew up when the cooling system wasn’t as readily available as it is nowadays. Maybe he was considering his childhood when he plus my father would be outside with the rest of the little ones. He always talked about how they would ride bikes to the park. He said they would have weenie roasts out in the field too. They didn’t have a cooling appliance to keep them hidden away in the dwelling. They totally braved the weather plus came to learn how to enjoy life plus all that it supplied. I sat outside with him completely often. The one time, I threw a shirt over my shoulders so I didn’t get sunburned. The shirt certainly worked as a barrier from the heat. Maybe it is so strange that he would lay outside with a thin sweater, rather than be inside with the cooling system. It made it more comfortable. This past summer, I sat outside on the porch thinking about my mom plus how he would have loved looking out over the mountain. I thought about our long chats, plus I realized the sound of the AC equipment just took away from the melody of his voice, plus I missed her.

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