My father wants to switch to HEPA air filters

My father needs to get a new air filter for his heating & cooling appliance at his dwelling.

  • He wants to get a HEPA filter since he’s been learning a great deal about how HEPA filters are the best ones for keeping the indoor air quality levels in his beach dwelling at the highest possible levels.

He is totally paranoid about the whole coronavirus thing & so he’s always looking for new ways to keep his indoor air quality levels at an all time high. Apparently, HEPA filters are easily able to catch far more contaminants & pollutants than other, cheaper air filters… My father has always been a truly thrifty sort of guy & so he has always bought the cheapest air filters out on the market. He wants me to head over to the local heating & cooling appliance supplier to find the properly sized & rated HEPA filter for his Heating & Air Conditioning appliance. I honestly don’t know a thing about heating & cooling appliances, though. I told him to send me all of the information on his air conditioner appliance & after that I will just hand it over to a single one of the employees at the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance business. They ought to be able to find the right air filter for me if I provide them all of the information. Then my father was saying that he will change out the old air filters for the new ones on his own. I’m ecstatic that he’s being proactive about things like this instead of kneeling around & agonizing about it. I think a HEPA filter will be enjoyable for his peace of mind!


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