My favorite coffee shop is finally opening back up

After months of being closed down, my favorite coffee shop is finally going to be opening back up. I can’t even tell you how long I have been waiting for this day to get here. I’m so excited that I think I’m going to be the first one in line when they open the doors back up for business. This place is always my favorite place to go to work or to relax. Whenever I have to have meetings for work or charitable activities, I always suggest that we go here because the ambiance is so nice. They have a wood burning fireplace in the middle of the eating area, and they have these nice leather couches to sit on. Not only that, but the indoor air quality in the place is fantastic. I have found over the years that most places have issues with their thermostats and you either end up with too much heating or too much cooling, depending on the time of year. This place must have an expert setting the temperature on the thermostat unit, because the temperature inside always seems to be just perfect. I hope that everything is exactly the same once they open back up. I did drive by one day and I saw an HVAC maintenance truck in their parking lot. Hopefully, the HVAC technicians were only there to do routine maintenance or something. I hope that they haven’t changed a thing when it comes to their heating, cooling, and ventilation system. Everything was just perfect the way that it was before they had to close down.


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