My friends are broke

My friends and I attended the same elementary school and high school.

We all went our separate ways after hat, but we still remain friends to this day.

Bobby is a car mechanic. His hands are always dirty, but he can fix any car or truck problem. He services all of my cars and trucks. Matty works with his Dad in the construction industry. They hang drywall and build home frames. Matty and his Dad just finished helping construct the new hospital wing downtown. I work in the HVAC industry, repairing and installing residential and commercial heat pumps, boilers, and A/C equipment. We all have decent jobs, but my friends are always broke. Whenever we got the bar, they always forget their wallet or only have a couple of bucks. I certainly don’t mind buying my buddies a beer, but I’m tired of being the only chap with a dollar in his pocket. I work hard all day in the HVAC industry. Just this week, I installed two boilers, 2 air conditioners, and exterminated an air ducting problem. I work every day from eight until dark, and I barely have time to service my own heat pump and air conditioner. I know Matty gets paid every week, and he never has money to buy a pitcher of beer. Bobby has a wife and two kids, so I understand why he never has any money. I don’t know what to say to the guys, but I’m tired of paying for their beers. Maybe I should start drinking at home alone, from now on.