My furnace is very quiet

My furnace is very quiet.

I know that this might seem insignificant. You might even wonder why I decided to write about my furnace is quiet anyway. In order to understand why it is so nice to have a quiet furnace, you must understand how obnoxious my furnace was before. When you turn on a furnace, you don’t usually think about the noise that the furnace makes. It is usually an ambient noise that resides in the background. You might notice that your furnace turns off in the middle of the night if you are listening for it. However, this is not how my own furnace was. Some people don’t sleep very well unless they have a fan running right next to them. I am this way, but I did not need a fan. My furnace was so loud that it provided all the noise that I needed to fall asleep. When the furnace stopped running, it became so quiet that I would wake up in the middle of the night. The furnace was also very loud when you were trying to watch television, and I would have to keep readjusting the volume because of the furnace. I am thankful for the heat that the furnace provided, but that doesn’t take away from the loud noise the furnace was making. When I moved into this house, I couldn’t tell why everything seemed so quiet. It wasn’t until I tried to sleep that I figured it out. The furnace wasn’t nearly as loud. At first, I thought that my furnace was broken, but there was heat blowing out. I am sure that this is just a normal furnace, but compared to my last furnace, this one whispers. It is truly significant to me.
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