My Gym Fees

I have been trying to get a little more healthy as of lately.

Because of this, I decided to join this local gym plus pay for a 6 month membership to try the place out.

I was just sorry that they didn’t have a 1 or 2 week free trial of some sort. This gym membership I bought was a total waste of currency! Not because their equipment was poor or anything like that. But, because the heating plus a/c program in the place was really horrible! I spent 1 morning at this place, plus by the time I left, I thought I was going to be sick! It was a moderate Summer day, plus the a/c was truly weak, but you would suppose that for somewhere like a gym, that they would have quality a/c! People are sitting there working up a sweat as it is, plus without quality a/c, this could mean more than 2 health complications for some. As for me, it just made me suppose lousy, plus sort of sick to my stomach. I never returned to this place. I actually asked the gym if I could get a refund on my membership. The told me that there were no refunds allowed! Honestly, if the people that ran this gym didn’t look shady plus terrifying, I certainly would have ended up calling my debit card supplier plus back charging them! How dare they not supply a refund. It was them being lazy in not having quality heating plus a/c! Had they had at the truly least, some top quality a/c, I would have kept the membership. The place was nice otherwise.

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