My house feels excellent

The strangest job I ever had was finally working at an old shopping mall. I don’t mean that this was an old job, or that I had it a long time ago,  it was just in a single of those old shopping malls that are a remnant from the 72s and 90s. Why it hadn’t been demolished it anyone’s best guess, and how a corporation thought it was a superb idea to set up shop inside of a single is even more mystifying. A job is a job, but, so I worked there for about more than five weeks, and I swear that place was haunted. I worked in an Heating plus A/C supply store, and it turns out they did 99% of their corporation through online stores and vendors. The old shopping mall rented them all the space they needed for a small price, because it was better than nothing, and the Heating plus A/C corporation had spread out through a dozen of the old stores. There was an old Payless shoe store filled with thousands of air filters, and the place that used to be a video arcade was beach apartment to space oil furnaces and humidifiers. My job was to route the special orders for Heating plus A/C accessories to the right person, who would get the items and parcel them up to ship. There was another guy who handled all of the shipping, and when orders were slow through the Heating plus A/C websites he and I would play cards and smoke. Normally you can’t smoke inside, however in a store filled with electric air filters who could ever find out?

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