My house is finally warm

I had trouble keeping my house warm for years and years.

The winters here aren’t very long, so I put off getting extra heating units. I know that I should not have to use any extra heating unit because my furnace is actually relatively new, and it works well. The reason the house is a little chilly is because it is not insulated properly. I lose quite a bit of heat because of it. I really wish that I could pay to get my house reinsulated, but I just cannot afford that right now. The best way for me to keep my house warm is to use space heaters. I did not use them for many years, and I regret that. I just bought a propane space heater for my living room and one for my bedroom. They work so well, and those rooms are actually warm. The one in the living room actually heats the kitchen and dining room area as well. Almost my entire house is significantly warmer now, and it is so nice. I wish that I could say that I have solved the issue completely, but I haven’t. My bathroom is still quite chilly, and so is my entryway, but most of my house is warm, and that is so nice. I wish that I would have just went ahead and bought these heaters a long time ago. They actually weren’t very expensive, and the propane to run the heaters is much cheaper than using electricity. I hope that these heaters continue to work nicely to heat my house because I really cannot afford to reinsulate my house anytime soon.