My household burned in a fire because of the heater.

I faithfully had the heating system inspected every year.

  • My fiance Sam changed the air filters about once a month, and no later than six to 8 weeks.

Sam and I made sure the chimney was cleaned and everything was in good order before the heating system was turned on in the winter. I could not suss out how a fire had started in the basement, that caused us to lose our house. The local fire marshal told us the fire started near the heater. I asked if that meant our household burned down because of the heater. He said he didn’t say that exactly,, but the fire started near the heater. I had just asked that, and he said it was not the exact same thing. The wiring that led to the heating system had been chewed through by some kind of small woodland creature. The chewing caused a spark which ignited the fuel and caused our heating system to have a small explosion and cause a fire. It was much different than saying my household burned down because of the heater. The fire simply started near our heater, which was much different. I asked if there was anything my buddy and I could have done to predict that the fire could have started. He told us to quit worrying about the fire. It happened and it is a frequent occurrence to have a fire due to mice, moles, or other small creatures chewing through wires. I didn’t care if it was common, despite the fact that I hoped our insurance agent didn’t think it was because of neglect. I never wanted to go through another household fire so long as I lived, thinking I could have stopped it before it started.

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