My husband’s cold feet are no joke

My husband has the coldest feet in the entire world, and I’m not even exaggerating.

It’s been this way ever since we got married and moved in together, and it’s been a pain in the neck ever since I can remember.

Now that winter is finally coming to an end and the weather is finally heating up outside, I’m hoping that things will get a little better for us. As it is, whenever he walks around the house locking the doors and getting the house ready for the night, he comes back to bed and sticks his feet on me and I just want to smack him! His cold feet are definitely not good for our relationship. I have tried everything as far as getting him cozy socks and slippers and rugs and things like that but it never helps. Even in the winter when the forced air heating is running full blast and he stands by the air vents, it still doesn’t help. I’m starting to think that he has some issues with his circulatory system. Anyway, now that spring is finally coming, I have great hopes for this cold feet situation. If it doesn’t improve by the time the summer is over, I’m going to have our HVAC company come and install radiant heated flooring throughout our house. It’s the only way that I can think of to get him to stop having cold feet in the house. And radiant heated flooring may be expensive, but I think it’s probably cheaper than us having to get a divorce!

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