My HVAC system gets it done no matter the season

My HVAC has just finished taking its most well deserved break.

Where I live, the period from November to March is when the HVAC takes a breather.

This is because the HVAC cooling is not needed. I, like most in this area, use an HVAC heat pump for both heating and cooling. However, it’s the cooling that we need the most. Our winter is super mild by just about any measure. Certainly there are periods of time where the temps plunge a bit during a cold snap. And when that’s the case, all we have to do is flip the thermostat over to heating. A few cycles of HVAC heating is normally about all we need to knock off the chill. The rest of the time, the HVAC is sort of just sitting idle. But, it’s time for the big work load ends up getting here around late April or early May. By then, the HVAC cooling is cranking much of the day. But during the summer months, the HVAC cooling is cranking both day and much of the night. It’s really amazing that we can get both heating and cooling from one HVAC source. The heat pump uses refrigerant to get rid of warm air energy in the house when in cooling mode. But when it’s time for the heat, all it does is reverse the process. It can extract heat energy from the outside air and bring it inside to heat the house. It’s a really amazing machine. Plus, it’s really efficient along with being able to handle both the heating and the cooling.

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