My I can prefer my ductless mini split system more that I do not go to class now

I have been on winter time cut for quite some time now.

I have to admit that these winter time breaks are the best thing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed not having to do any work. The best part is that I get to stay in my hot house. I can kneel right by the heater. I am hot all day long, when I used to go to class I was so cold. I had to leave to go to class in the snow. It is so hard to leave your home when your home is so warm. That is one of the best parts about staying home from class. The classrooms are always so chilly too. I always have to dress in extra layers when I leave. In my home I could where a short sleeved shirt and I would be fine! Going to class in the winter time really is one of the worst things. It is not comfortable by any means. I had a modern HVAC system installed recently as well. My other one worked great although I wanted something to make my home more comfortable and convenient. I added a ductless mini split system that gave me a ton of benefits. I like that when I am at class I can turn my thermostat up right from in the classroom. I can do it on my phone. Then, I will know that my home will be especially hot when I get home from class. When the temperature drops and I am not at home it is entirely no complication to change the thermostat in my house.


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