My job in heating plus a/c ended

Well I had a major crossroad in life, but i have been a heating plus a/c specialist for the last 20 years plus one day I woke up, plus I decided I was majorly bored with heating plus a/c! Call it a mid life crisis or something! But whatever came over me I seriously knew I had to quit plus that our heating plus a/c work was over.

I was sleepy of the physical labor of it all, it was really wearing me out… Also the same seasoned crap day after day was love being stuck in a time warp! That is the best way I could possibly describe it in words, however so I decided then plus there that I was done with the heating plus a/c supplier plus was going to find a new work for the hour half of our adult life, however what I decided on was way out in left field compared to the heating plus a/c worker that I was.

I decided I wanted to go into teaching plus become a instructor to middle school youngsters in history. I was always a history buff, so this was something that I would really enjoy. So I went to school for it plus I graduated. After this I was able to get a job at a middle school teaching history. A much better life for me! However, since they think about our previous heating plus a/c background, if the school ever has an issue with their commercial heating plus a/c unit, they could call on me to repair it for some extra pay. Which is fantastic with me!

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