My job in the warehouse definitely needs some perks

When I found my current job, I couldn’t believe my luck.

I always preferred being on my own and working alone, so it was pretty amazing to me that I came across this job that permitted just that.

I would go into warehouses around the city at night, performing inventory counts on their stock in the house, and making sure everyone has the right stock counts for their products. It’s an easy enough job – when the weather permits. I know what you’re thinking – why does it matter if the weather is “permitting”? Well, most of the warehouses I go into at night have no heating or air conditioning systems! There’s industrial grade air conditioning units at many of these places, along with space heaters installed at key points around the facility. However, these systems are only running during the day when there’s employees in the warehouse. On hot summer nights, I wish I had some kind of portable A/C unit to keep me cool. I’ve seen those air conditioner vests, which are wearable vests that are equipped with cooling fans! I would also love to walk around with a portable space heater nearby, just because the winter nights can be downright freezing and near impossible to get through. On the plus side, the spring and autumn weather is much more favorable – I just have to suffer through nights without heating and air conditioning to get there. Maybe one day, I’ll invest in a portable furnace to get me through the freezing cold nights.

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