My job is to develop technology to make HVAC units better

I work in the HVAC industry as a main career.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I am qualified to fix your furnace or air conditioner whenever it stops working. When I went to college, I went as an engineer. I didn’t know how I would be used in any industry, but I met a representative of an HVAC company that was looking for resourceful people who could help design new HVAC technology. Though furnaces and air conditioners have come a long way in the past few decades, there is room for improvement. Imagine how awesome it would be if furnaces could be smaller and run on less electricity or gas. Imagine a furnace that could run on recycled resources. There are so many ways in which air conditioners and furnaces could be improved. Some of the coolest ways in which I can help the HVAC industry is by working on thermostats. I have specifically been working on thermostats that are smart thermostats that have an awesome interface. Our cellphones and tablets have advanced quickly, but digital interfaces like thermostats have not kept up. It is my goal to make the thermostats look wonderful and make furnaces and air conditioners run well. So when you look at the HVAC technicians that are fixing your air conditioners and furnaces, remember that they are not the only ones in the field. The people who manufacture the air conditioners and the furnaces aren’t where it ends. There are people like me who work on air conditioners and furnaces to help design something newer and better.


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