My kid is way too smart

Lately, my son has been driving me nuts.

He keeps asking me about everything that’s going on around the house.

He has been reading a lot lately and looking into things I have been too lazy to get into myself. When he started talking about improving the air quality in our home and switching out the air filters often, I was getting rather agitated. Of course, he was absolutely right that in order to improve the air quality in our home, we would need to change the air filters more often. I told him that the air filters are expensive though, so I always tried to use them a little longer than other people. He questioned that logic though by saying, “Wouldn’t that cause the energy bills to rise with the air filter getting blocked up?” He got me there. I thought it was a good thing my kid was so smart, and he would probably make an excellent heating and cooling professional one of these days. I told him that if he wanted, I would get the better air filters like he was talking about, and he could switch out the air filters. He needed me to show him how to do it just the one time, and then after that he was switching out the air filters regularly. It was great because I no longer had to worry about it so much, and the air quality had improved a good amount since he took over that responsibility. I really am thankful that I have such a great kid. He is just so smart though so he often questions me about most decisions I make which annoys me sometimes.

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