My kids joke about how different we are

Last month my kids drove 300 miles up north to go visit me and my ex-husband.

At this point, my ex-husband and I have been divorced for nearly 25 years now, so our kids weren’t going to go see us at the same place.

Each of us have our own houses around where the kids grew up. Each year that the kids come to visit us, they comment on how funny it is that my ex-husband and I are as different as we are. We have chosen to live in completely different ways, which doesn’t bother us, but our kids have to get a taste of both of our lifestyle’s everytime they come into town. Their father is about as old school as it comes, and he lives up in the forest in a tiny cabin. On the other hand, I live in a brand new house that I’ve filled with all kinds of updated and new technology. From the sound of it, it’s very interesting bouncing back and forth from these houses for a week… When the kids are with their dad, there is no HVAC system other than the fireplace that is in his kitchen. Even though my ex-husband enjoys living the simple life, our kids sure don’t! Then when they bounced over to my house, they saw how I have my state-of-the-art heating in addition to cooling plan that you are able to control even from the car so that it is warm and comfortable when you get inside the house. As I get older I am starting to realize that this along with a few other reasons is why my marriage did not last, which in all honesty is most likely for the better. Even though the kids don’t have one place to call home, I think they really enjoy seeing their parents happy, even if that was not together.
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