My life just changed

My hubby plus I easily care about to travel. Ever since the boys left home, we have spent our years traveling the world. We’ve been to every continent plus to thirty unusual countries. About a year ago, we decided to travel our own nation. In order to be more free to travel, we decided to sell our condo plus purchase a second wheel camper to travel stateside in. Living in a camper full-time is quite interesting. It’s quite a small area to fit all of our things in, but we have learned to adapt to minimal living. During the holidays from the end of November to after New Years, we stayed on our oldest son’s property in our second wheel. He lives way up North, so we had to prepare our second wheel for Winter time living. Thankfully, it is an all season camper which made winterizing it much easier. Something that we weren’t used to is having to make sure we had enough propane to last us. A few nights before Christmas, we learned a tough lesson. In the middle of the night, we ran out of propane, plus our second wheel got freezing quite hastily. My hubby plus I didn’t realize that the propane had run out because we were warm plus toasty in bed with our heated mattress pad. The next day, however, we woke up to a really freezing camper plus frozen pipes. It took my hubby plus child almost an an entire day to thaw out the pipes. Thank goodness there was no major injury done to the camper. After that incident, we bought a second propane tank for backup just in case we ran out again. I am so glad that we don’t live in a freezing section all Winter time long.

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