My Little Sister and I Spend Time Together Through Going to Yoga Class

My little sister & I have been enjoying yoga for several years now.

The two of us only got involved in yoga classes because she had a crush on the yoga professor at that time & he let my sister & I join the class for free.

I did not think I would love about yoga much at all, because I usually love stuff that is more physical. I did not think yoga would supply the physical interest & exertion that would help me reach my fitness goals. I was completely wrong for believing that, and yoga is a good way to lose weight & just feel better, however stretching & bending can be genuinely difficult, especially when you’re older and not so limber anymore. After my little sister lost interest in the instructor, every one of us continued to go to yoga. Dale stopped working at the gym a while back, and it has been hard getting a new fitness instructor. First, the gym hired a cute young girl; Rumors started flowing around the young professor. She was caught up in drama & was fired shortly after she began, but after that, things seemed to settle down. Our new professor is much better and is an older lady around 60. She doesn’t suppose in drama. She believes that our mind, body, & spirit are connected. Our classes are quiet, drama-free, & valuable. I wish this lady yoga instructor would have been ours from the beginning. I guess calm, strong, & relaxed after getting through her class.

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