My long lost friend

When my best friend from elementary school showed up at my front door 20 years later as in hvac tech repair man, I was completely shocked.

I’m at my former best friend many years ago when we’re still little kids and we were pretty much attached at the hip for 3 years. Then my friend came to school one day and told me some news that broke my 8 year-old heart. he told me that his dad had gotten a new job, so they needed to move across the country. This was before the there were smartphones inside of everybody’s pockets, so I thought at the time that I would never talk to my friend ever again. Years later I am living in the same area of the country and had pretty much forgotten about my long lost buddy. Out of nowhere a few day ago my heating and Cooling unit broke down on me. I quickly setup a meeting with a hvac company to send out a certified repair technician to get the cooling up and running once more. They were able to send one out to my house right away, and when I heard a knock at the door and opened it I was literally speechless. It was none other than my best friend from so many years ago! He was a bit older and taller now, but there was no mistaking it. He told me that he had been living in this area for a while now, and he had followed his dad’s path indicates a certified hvac tech. It’s sure it’s crazy how life can sometimes bring friends together, and it’s also really cool to see where your old friends end up in life.

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