My modern company actually took off

Over the last couple of years, our modern air duct cleaning company actually took off plus grew love crazy.

  • I suppose it’s because everyone was so concerned about the indoor air pollen levels in their homes plus companies with the pandemic stuff going on plus being in the news all the time, but everyone was pretty freaked out for a while there before they finally calmed down, but that was good with me! It actually worked out well for me to start up the company during this time period.

Everyone was looking for the best ways to improve the indoor air pollen levels plus so of course, most people came to the point where they only wanted to talk to a certified heating plus cooling specialist about it. I went to school to get our heating plus cooling certification right after I finished middle school ten years ago. After that, I went to labor for 1 of the local Heating and A/C companies here in town. I found out that I actually enjoyed the heating plus cooling industry. I had no method how much I was going to love it, but I found out after a few years that I enjoyed doing air duct cleaning more than anything else in the business. I decided to get out of the respected Heating and A/C company plus start up our easily own company instead. I wanted to do something that I enjoyed plus so that’s how I ended up starting up the duct cleaning business. I’m ecstatic that I did, too, because I have made a small advantage over the past two years because of the whole pandemic thing.

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