My mom almost killed herself with the kerosene heater

My mom almost died this week, and it was all because of a kerosene heater.

My parents do not have a normal heating system in their house.

My parents bought their house while it was in very rough shape, and the house did not have a furnace. I have no idea how it is even legal to sell someone a house that does not have a furnace, but I honestly don’t have time to think about that. My parents legally own the house, and the house does not have a heating system. Since they obviously cannot survive without a heating system, they have had to be creative with their methods of heating the house. Right now, they use multiple space heaters, including electric heaters, kerosene heaters, and propane heaters. Obviously, this is a very dangerous way to heat your house, but that is the way that they have been heating their house for years. This week, my mom almost died because of it. She walked into the house one day and discovered that the kerosene heater wasn’t working. She left the kerosene heater running while the kerosene was empty, and it blew up. The poisonous smoke blew into her face and lungs, and she immediately went upstairs to sleep. She didn’t wake up until she got a phone call from my dad, and she left to pick him up for work. She didn’t feel good, and her body was being poisoned from the exhaust of the heating system. If she wouldn’t have woken up, she would have died. That is why I don’t like those heating systems.



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