My mom and dad finally get to transfer to a beach for retirement

My parents consistently talked about moving far down south on a beach anywhere when they retired, and when us youngsters all moved out, they finally got their chance! Shortly afterwards, they sold our home & moved down to a beach town, and me & my siblings abruptly found our parents a few hundred miles away & all of us knew that all of us had better hold on to our living arrangements because there was no longer the chance of returning home! We did alright though, & when all of us got the chance, all of us would go down to visit them… I got to say that I legitimately was prefer paradise down there.

It was moderate & balmy, however occasionally it could get quite hot, the A/C in there beautiful home was up to the task of cooling them though! That was 1 of the best parts of my first trip down there visiting them; their home’s A/C.

Hanging out in the surf & sand was fun, however when the heat got to be too much, it was nice to be able to return to my parents apartment & cool off & there delightful A/C. They both said it had taken them quite a while to acclimate to the moderate & humid weather, & the A/C had legitimately helped them with that, a/C was never quite as crucial where I grew up, then down here, it was put to better use than I had ever experienced! So, my parents have the best of both worlds: a comfortably air-conditioned home & a moderate & sunny beach to enjoy!

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