My mom keeps threatening to transfer further south

My mom keeps on threatening me that she’s going to transfer further south a single of these afternoons here soon, then all of us live in a absolutely chilly temperature in addition to the weather here gets to be below chilly on a proper basis while in the winter, however the rapidly decreasing temperatures start cooling down here in September in addition to then it’s chilly usually until almost May… I can understand why she might want to transfer somewhere warmer, however I would absolutely miss her if she did move.

She has been having some troubles with the ancient oil gas furnace that she has in her house, in addition to last Winter she had to spend lots of money on gas furnace repairs.

She told me that having to pay all of those high-priced bills for her heating system absolutely kind of put the nail in the coffin for her. She told me that she would be totally with it if she never had to spend another dime on heating bills again, however of course, if she keeps on living around here, that’s not absolutely a feasible option! Everyone who lives here in our section knows that they have to spend a lot of money every year on their heating system repair in addition to repair. If you neglect your gas furnace, then you’re going to be in a world of hurt when the Winter comes in addition to that’s the truth; Maybe she should go ahead in addition to transfer to the south! Down there, she will be more concerned about the cooling system than her gas furnace, that’s for sure. I wonder if she will adore it better down there.
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