My mother coerced myself and others into fixing her furnace.

The last time I worked on my parent’s Heating and Air Conditioning system, I never heard the end of it.

They told my aunts, uncles, cousins, and other family members that I didn’t charge them, however now, they all expected myself and others to supply them pro bono labor on their Heating and Air Conditioning systems.

I tried to tell them I only did it for my parents, and I couldn’t do it for anyone else. I didn’t labor for myself, but for an Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. They were so aggravated with me, that they called my mom, who called me. She told myself and others they were family, and if she got free Heating and Air Conditioning work, they should too. All of us argued so vehemently, that she told myself and others I was no longer welcome at her house. That was nearly a year ago. All of us would talk for a few hours, but that was it. I called for her birthday, and barely got Happy birthday out, when she thanked myself and others and hung up. It was the same for Christmas and Thanksgiving, last month, she had a problem with her furnace and called me. I was going to refuse, but I couldn’t see her going separate from heat. She said she wouldn’t tell anyone that I had been at her house. She would come to my lake house and clean every day for the next year, if I would repair her furnace. She was begging so badly that I felt I had to go to her home and fix the furnace, and when I got there, she didn’t even thank myself and others for showing up. She sat in the residing room until I was on my way out, and silently handed myself and others a check to spend my money for the furnace repair. I took it.

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