My neighbor is a great guy

I have lived in several places throughout my life. As a result, I have had several different neighbors throughout my life as well. I remember having one that was a college student, who must have had a rich family because he would throw parties all the time. It would have been great if, at the time, I was a young college student myself. However instead, I was married and raising two kids. His parties were so loud at times it was impossible to get the baby to bed. Needless to say, I didn’t stay there very long. Because of that nightmare, it makes my current neighbor my favorite person on the planet. My neighbor Fred is a trained and licensed HVAC service professional. He has given me so much help and advice with my HVAC equipment, I could not thank him enough. Because of him, I know to change my air filters as recommended. He told me that if I don’t, I put extra stress on my heating and cooling system, plus I significantly decrease the air quality in my home. He also recommended that I install a programmable thermostat. Doing so has saved me a ton of money already. What’s even greater, he is willing to do annual inspections on my HVAC equipment for no charge. Of course, I help him, too, with projects around his home, but it is nice getting an annual inspection on my furnace, air conditioner, and air ducts, without having to sign up for an annual HVAC service plan. My heating and cooling equipment is in the best shape of any home I have ever lived in thanks to Fred!

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