My new job as an HVAC tech

After getting let go for my job a few months ago I was left feeling extremely anxious and worried about what my future would hold.

I would spend most of my time applying to jobs and interviewing for jobs, and after going through the interview process I would eventually get a rejection email or a phone call telling me that I did not get the job.

Then things all changed seemingly out of the blue while I was at home searching for jobs. While the HVAC Tech that my wife had called to a power AC unit was working on the Cooling unit in our living room, he ended up starting a conversation with me asking what I did for work. Embarrassingly I told him that I was unemployed and was looking for work and jokingly said if he knows anybody don’t be shy to mention me. Surprisingly he went on to say that they had been looking for an entry-level HVAC tech for a few days now and if I was really interested he would be more than happy to put in a good word for me. I have nothing to lose, so I ended up agreeing to this and a few days later I ended up getting a call from the same HVAC company. Fast forward 3 weeks later and I have now been working for this HVAC company for a short amount of time and I’m already in love with the work. I am no longer strapped to my office cubicle all day, and I am able to help out so many people across the area with my HVAC expertise. I still have a long way to go and even more to learn about the HVAC World, however I am so glad that this chance encounter led me to get into a job that I actually enjoy.


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