My new job

I recently just graduated from college, and I have got my degree in becoming a certified fitness expert! I was so happy to finally reach this goal as I had been wanting to do this since I was growing up.

I always had a high interest in fitness and general health.

Fitness and being healthy of course is what keeps us all alive and kicking. And now with me being a certified fitness expert, I can help others get on this really good path that everyone on the planet should already be on! I know I can not save the world and I can not make people who do not want to be healthy get with the whole health and fitness thing. I couldn’t even force them to join a gym or a fitness center. But what I can do is provide guaranteed help to those who do want it in achieving their goals of becoming healthy and whole in their lives. I began not being so healthy and was overweight a lot as a kid growing up. But as I became a teenager and became well aware of how health and fitness really matter, I reversed all of that and my goal was to become a certified fitness expert once I graduated from high school. This way, I could help others that may actually need it. I am a proud person for getting this certification and degree. My parents are proud of me and so are my close friends. This will be a great adult life for me!


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