My office presentation was successful despite the air conditioning malfunction

Do you remember those awful nightmares you used to have about going to school without your underwear on? You would feel so confident, but you would look down in horror to realize that that was the worst day of your life. This was exactly how my week went last week when I had to give a business presentation. This was the first time that the boss had asked me to do something this important, and it just had to be the day that the air conditioner stopped working. Everyone was sweating, and people were trying to adjust the thermostat to make the cool air come out again. However, I would not be horrified and overcome by the air conditioner at this moment. If I was to step down and stop, that could have been the end of my advancement in the company. Regardless of the HVAC problem, I took control of the meeting and made it my goal to capture their attention to the point that they would forget about the air conditioner. And it worked. I used their emotions from the air conditioner and directed them towards a goal of needing a change in this company. I hinted at huge shortcomings in this company, like the HVAC units that needed to be replaced. By the time the meeting was coming to an end, the air conditioner kicked on, and people were excited. It was at that moment that they decided to take my advice, and I was given a bonus for the excellent work that I did, regardless of the air conditioner meltdown.


Cooling workman