My parents finally get to move to a beach for retirement

My parents always talked about moving far down south on a beach somewhere when they retired. When us kids all moved out, they finally got their chance. Shortly afterwards, they sold our home and moved down to a beach town. Me and my siblings suddenly found our parents a few hundred miles away and we knew that we had better hold on to our living arrangements because there was no longer the option of returning home! We did alright though, and when we got the chance, we would go down to visit them. I got to say that I really was like paradise down there. It was warm and balmy, but sometimes it could get quite hot. The air conditioner in there beautiful new home was up to the task of cooling them though! That was one of the best parts of my first trip down there visiting them; their home’s air conditioner. Hanging out in the surf and sand was fun, but when the heat got to be too much, it was nice to be able to return to my parents house and cool off and there delightful air conditioner. They both said it had taken them quite a while to acclimate to the hot and humid weather, and the A/C had really helped them with that. A/C was never quite as important where I grew up. Down here, it was put to better use than I had ever experienced! So, my parents have the best of both worlds: a comfortably air-conditioned home and a warm and sunny beach to enjoy!



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