My parents had a huge nest removed from the back porch

A yellow jacket is a type of wasp that is found in many parts of this country.

They can be found in warm climates and cold climates.

Most yellow jackets are known for their black and yellow pattern. It resembles a jacket on their tiny bodies. These predator pests occur in colonies and the females can pack a huge sting. My mom and dad had to call an exterminator to get rid of a huge yellow jacket nest that was located under the back porch. My parents didn’t use the back porch for years and years. It had old furniture sitting on one side and old appliances sitting on the other side. The roof was cracked and the boards on the floor were warped and bent. My parents wanted to remodel the garage and the porch, but they needed some help. When they met with the contractor to discuss the job, the guy crawled under the porch to look at the foundations. That’s when he saw the yellow jacket nest. The contractor told my parents that the yellow jacket nest needed to be removed before he could complete any of the work on the house. My parents called a pest control service to get rid of the yellow jackets. The person in charge of the job told my mom and dad that the nest had more than 10,000 wasps inside. The nest had probably been there for ten years or longer. The guy in charge of the removal told my dad that it was one of the largest infestations that he has seen in a residential home.

Yellow Jacket Extermination