My partner should have similar views about taking care of HVAC

The older you get, the more your priorities change when it comes to different relationships.

  • When I was younger, I think my biggest concern was how cute the boy happened to be.

I did not actually think about compatibility or sharing life responsibilities, and my brain wants as far as his pretty eyes and adorable hair… Other than that, I think that everything would just work itself out if we happened to love each other enough. It turns out, love is a lot more intricate than blind attraction. I’ve entirely learned this the hard way a few times over. In fact, at this point, I am so exhausted when it comes to love that I am more interested in the practical matters than physical attraction. When I start dating someone new, these days I would rather learn everything about their currency handling skills than their number one places to eat… Recently, I started seeing somebody new and I legitimately freaked him out when I started talking about his philosophy behind Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I inquired if he owned a smart control unit or an old dial temperature control unit. I wanted to know if he had an indoor air temperature control system already programed at his property. I was curious if he consistently reached out to a Heating and Air Conditioning company to inspect and repair his central heating and cooling equipment. I actually wanted to know how he felt about energy efficient HVAC equipment and carefully monitoring heating and cooling equipment usage. At the end of the day, I really just wanted to figure out if we shared Heating and Air Conditioning philosophies so we could share a comfortable property. I want an air-aware and energy conscious man in my life.

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