My pollen irritations cause frustrating nosebleeds

All my life, I’ve been allergic to pollen, but only recently have I started having reactions so often that they make me have nosebleeds.

A nosebleed is something I’ve never even had once, up until the past couple of weeks.

This year, the pollen irritations around here have been really bad. Is this the cause of my nosebleeds? Nosebleeds are really the worst! They happen once or twice a month now and they are driving me really crazy. I dislike the way that they make me feel. It finally got so bad that I ended up having to go see our dust sensitivity nurse about it. Instead of taking more medication and drawing my nose out even more, she told me, I should call my local heating and cooling systems company instead. When she said that, a light bulb went off inside my head. Call my HVAC supplier? I had never considered asking to see if they could do something in my home to help my complications. Apparently, they get calls all the time from people with bad pollen irritations. Whenever I talked to the HVAC specialist who answered the phone, they told me that they could come out and install a UV light air purification system for me. The UV light air purification systems have helped a lot of people who had been dealing with dust sensitivity complications, I learned! I told him to sign me up, and tomorrow they are going to come and install it for me. I am so excited about the fact that this might be helpful to my complications! I should have done this a long time ago.



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