My sister won't leave my place

My sister and addition to myself are a couple of years apart, but we are actually quite close.

We grew up together in the same house in addition to even have the same mom and addition to Dad.

I know that’s pretty hard to believe these days, but it’s actually quite true. The both of us usually get together a few times during the year, so all of the kids can meet up and visit with their cousins. Lately, I have thought about having a little reunions for all of us to get together. The minute that I mentioned that was going to happen my sister was on a plane and then down here. I didn’t mention staying for a long time, but I wasn’t going to tell my sister that she had to leave. Unfortunately, she has made herself at home in addition to doesn’t seem to want to leave. Things wouldn’t be particularly awful, if she would leave the HVAC thermostat alone. It’s probably my one biggest pet peeve in my whole home. Even my husband in addition to my kids know to leave the thermostat alone. I even have the temperatures program specifically during the day, so we can save the most amount of money. I’m afraid it’s going to come down to me asking my sister to leave, and that makes me feel very sad. I would rather she just adhere to my rules about the HVAC thermostat and Temperature Control in my home.
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