My smart thermostat and how I use it at work

I am a single guy with a great job.

I spend most of my time away from home because I drive a semi-truck for a hauling company.

Thankfully, this means that I have the cheapest bills you can ever imagine. I hardly ever use electricity, and I only use my furnace enough in the Winter to keep the house from freezing. However, there is a downside to being away from my house so often. When I come home from work, my house is never up to a proper temperature. When I come home in the winter, my house is always freezing cold. It will be in the fifties, and it takes forever for my furnace to warm up the house. When I leave, it drops back down again, and it is a vicious cycle of discomfort. During the summer, my house is always super hot and muggy, and I never leave the air conditioner on. Though the air conditioner cools the room down quickly, it doesn’t eradicate the discomfort I feel at first. This is why I purchased a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat, I am able to program my HVAC unit to be at the proper level whenever I return. A few hours before I come home, I hop on my phone and adjust my thermostat. Then, for a few hours, my house is heating or cooling itself to a comfortable temperature. When I arrive home, it is still comfortable. Best yet, it hasn’t affected the price of my bills greatly, because I keep my HVAC units off while I am away still.


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