My Son’s Allergies Were Severe From The Dust plus Mildew

My kid has constantly suffered from seasonal dust irritations, but recently, they’ve been severe… Every morning he wakes up with red, puffy eyup plus snot running down his nose, then when I felt like I did everything I could to relieve his dust irritations, I took him to the doctor’s office to be seen by a professional. After looking at him, the doctor told us what all of us already knew. He had dust irritations that were entirely severe. I asked what could be causing the dust irritations to flare up so quickly? He recommended that I go lake up-to-date home plus look at the air filter for our Heating plus Air Conditioning system. If it hadn’t been replaced recently plus was jammed with dust plus debri, it could be affecting his dust irritations. The doctor said that a dirty air filter was 1 of the number 1 reasons patients had extreme flu symptom flare ups. Most people assumed the change in seasons brought on dust irritations, but that wasn’t constantly the case. The accumulation of dust plus mildew on an air filter affected the body. All the air all of us breathe in our up-to-date home passes through that air filter. As soon as I got home, I checked the air filter. I was disgusted by how much mildew plus dust was trapped in that air filter plus I couldn’t suppose that we’d been breathing in those contaminants. It’s no wonder my son’s dust irritations were so severe! After refreshing the dirty air filter with a wipe 1, I told myself I’d never forget to replace the air filter again.


HVAC worker