My specialty was A/C units.

I hate bragging, but as an Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional, I was genuinely great with fixing A/C units.

It isn’t that I could not work on heaters, despite the fact that I didn’t like to, then gas furnaces were in basements, or most of them were.

I hated basements because my older brother Ed consistently told me they were haunted. Ed would consistently point out the spiders that lurked in the corners. He told me there were bats and zombies in the shadows, and Ed tried to lock me in the basement several times. If it wasn’t for my mom, I would have been down there for many hours, and screaming the entire time. So, the first question people ask me is why I work as a Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional if I can’t work on gas furnaces or be in basements! The simple answer is because I have skills. I live in the south where winter conditions are strenuous to find. I only work on A/C units, because my buddies and I have little need for more than an A/C unit. I say A/C units are my 1 true specialty. If I had to move to an part where there are heaters, I would do my very best to never work on one, despite the fact that I would if I need to. I can’t let Ed’s mean tactics rule my life, despite the fact that I can’t work in a small part either. I’m sure that my boss would understand if I told him this, but he would also try to convince me to work on a gas heater, even if he had to send someone with me at first. I hope to never move to a state where there is anything except A/C, despite the fact that I can’t tell what the future holds, can I?



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