My supplier has a faulty Heating and A/C system

I own a bookstore in the downtown area of my city, despite all of the shifts over the years to online book sales, I managed to keep a steady stream of purchasers in my door. It helps that I’m constantly having events at my bookstore to bring in old purchasers and new purchasers alike. Sometimes I will have authors come and do book signings if I can entice them on their tours. It’s a process of successes and failures being a small supplier owner. You do the absolute best that you can. Lately, I have been bogged down with a lot of stress and it’s been a struggle to manage all of it. The hardest thing for me is overhead here at this building since I don’t rent; I actually own it. A lot of electrical work had to be completed recently and now I need an up-to-date heating and cooling system. The Heating and A/C system that came with this building needed to be replaced within 10 years of me buying it, however, now it’s been 20 years. My purchasers often complain about how bad the air conditioner is. On top of that, you need a dry environment for keeping and restoring ancient books. The paper can become fragile and even rot if there’s too much humidity in the air. That’s why I’m so adamant about getting a good air conditioner that also works as a dehumidifier. While all air conditioners actually dry while they cool your air, there are some air conditioners that are better at it than others. I’m going to talk with several Heating and A/C companies in my local area to see if I can get a good commercial Heating and A/C system that also has a high SEER rating.


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