My time to take care of them

When the pandemic started to get bad, I was extremely distraught about my parents, I didn’t want anybody to get sick and I heard that older people were highly susceptible to this virus that was spreading.

I could tell that they needed some kind of defense against the virus, so I ordered them a bunch of Vitamin C and UV media air cleaners.

I learned that UV media air cleaners use the UV light to kill bacteria and viruses, and I figured it would help keep them safe from getting sick with the virus, they ended up spraying down the packages and their satisfieds with disinfectant spray, and they thanked myself and others for thinking about them. They easily didn’t have media air cleaners in their lake up-to-date home before, but then they were able to use them. They told myself and others over the weeks that the UV media air cleaners have been working great and they have been genuinely healthy. They also have been taking the Vitamin C in order to keep their immune systems strong so they don’t get sick. I’m feeling pretty blessed that I was able to do something to help my parents. Then they asked me if I was using UV media air cleaners, and I told them no. They said that I should have defense against this dangerous virus as well. That’s when I decided to order myself a few UV media air cleaners. I didn’t even savor myself in the beginning, I just wanted my parents to be safe and happy! When I thought about it though, if I had gotten sick, after that the two of us would be putting my parents at greater risk, so I realized how important it was for myself and others to be healthy also.


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