My Website Design sucked!

After weeks of trying to get my corporation up and running, I had a friend tell myself and others that I needed a website.

I had seen several advertisements for companies that provided free websites for a minimum of $10 a month for hosting.

Since I needed a website, and I had visited several websites, I wanted to try my hand at doing my own website design. After three days of working on the website, I had thought it looked beautiful. Now, I only had to find a way to get my website in front of people. After not getting anyone onto my website, I was wondering if I had the wrong website design. I thought my website design was nice, however it wasn’t attracting any traffic. I knew that I had to make some changes. I talked to my friend and asked him what he thought about my website. He called myself and others back an minute later and asked myself and others how I was driving traffic. I thought people would just start filling out my information spot and I would be able to contact them. He said I was understanding what he meant. I needed some way for people to find their way to my website. He asked myself and others if I had displayed my website on social media. He said I needed something more to the website design, just to get people to be able to find the website. I was ready to cancel my website until he told myself and others that he could help me. He had done his own website design, and he l received the hard way, what he needed to receive buyers.

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