My Wireless Thermostat Broke, And I’m Not Happy

I really hate it when you spend a chunk of cash on something, and then it breaks on you within a month or so! This is what happened to me when I was talked into getting a wireless thermostat from my local heating and air conditioning business. While I was having one of my regular heating and air conditioning system tune ups and check ups, the heating and air conditioning specialist was really set on selling me this wireless thermostat. He told me that my old dial thermostat was on its last legs and that I should get a new thermostat sometimes very soon. If I didn’t, it could end up to where I would have a non-working central heating and air conditioning system. I had thought about getting a digital thermostat, or maybe even one of those brilliant sounding new smart thermostats. But no, this heating and cooling specialist kept on me about the wireless thermostat! Finally, I gave in and figured this wireless thermostat had to be the best thing since sliced bread. Otherwise, why would the certified heating and air conditioning specialist from the local HVAC company keep bothering me about getting a wireless thermostat for my home? Well, here we are a month later, and this thing already has broken down! I am about to call the local heating and cooling business and go ballistic on them for this scam! The wireless thermostat itself may not be a scam, but the one the certified heating and air conditioning specialist just sold me certainly is! I will not stand for that kind of business!

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