Need to get back into physical condition in order to tuck

On our basket list is to be able to do a laying back tuck, i have taken cheerleading lessons as a child and gave it up when I went to college, and now as a 25 year outdated female, I am trying to get back in the game. It has been strenuous getting our flexibility, strength and balance back, and first, I am out of shape… Second, due to this I am afraid to try a lot of things tumbling related. I have tried working out on our own. I do stretching, balance training and have begun weightlifting. I also have been practicing tuck jumps in preparation to achieve our goal. I think I need to take this a step further. I have looked at fitness centers in our town and found a personal training a single. I am thinking about taking a group fitness class a few afternoons a month to get back in shape. I need to tone, build muscle and get adaptable again, and once I am back in shape, I then can have confidence to try our tumbling out. I will start slow with doing mainly handstands, bridge and splits. Then I can move into back handSpringtimes, walkovers and maybe move into tucks again, and but, that is a long ways away. I noticed that the gym does want the buyers to list their goals. I wonder if I say I want to be able to tumble again and achieve a laying tuck, what they would do. I bet they would work on our butt, leg and ab muscles to assist with this dream. It particularly would not hurt telling the personal trainer what the end goal is.

Core progression