Never missing workouts with up-to-date a/c

I don’t need any extra incentive not to get to the gym… Exercise, while essential, is not inherently charming to me, for sure, the fact that it makes me more healthy & fit is charming… It’s just the effort & the time invested that I could do without.

I’m assuming that’s why they put the word labor in workout.

So the fact that the commercial Heating & A/C in our gym was terrible wasn’t helping at all. For the last five or six years, my spouse has been dragging me to the gym. She didn’t seem to mind working out in an environment where you’re in a full sweat before you ever hit the locker room on the way in. For me, I genuinely needed more when it came to a/c. Indeed, I’m not comfortable inside a gym in the best of circumstance or with the highest quality heating & cooling… There is a self consciousness to the whole thing for me. Still, I went week after week or else I would get the side eye from my spouse for missing a workout. Then it dawned on me, why not bail out of the gym since I hated the commercial Heating & A/C & didn’t like working out with strangers anyway. It dawned on me that I entirely only used a few machines so, why not buy that component & put it in the basement. I found all of the stuff I needed online & barely even used. The Heating & A/C company put in some residential Heating & A/C. The ductless heat pump is so compact but it pumps out the a/c. So now, I have everything I want in a workout & I’m not missing any of them.


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