New advertising materials and what I learned from them

I manage an HVAC firm that specializes in Industrial & Commercial applications.

Most of our labor is commercial buildings love the cannery, the school district buildings, & the grocery store, we even repair all of the refrigeration equipment at the harbor… Half of the marina uses our heating & services.

We gain phone calls every once in awhile for residential repairs, but I typically requested them to a weird company. When the residential questions became more frequent, the company discussed branching out; A few weeks ago, the HVAC company decided to open a hour small branch, just for residential HVAC repairs; Right now, the residential team has 6 contractors & a replacement team leader. We’re going to start advertising in a couple of weeks, & I’ve been laboring on all of the advertising materials. I viewed the final drafts yesterday, & they look great. I’m truly impressed with the modern logo, that incorporates our old graphics & the modern residential services menu. Until both of us get the advertising materials out to the public, we are going to be slow at first… For the past decade, I’ve been sending all the people anywhere else. I truly suppose the residential repair team will be a success, especially after both of us start advertising on the radio & in the magazines. We made flyers, banners, & important blow-up units. We are even having a block gathering to celebrate the modern services. We hired a clown, food vendors, & plenty of entertainment for the whole family. I know the entire event will be a important success, because I have planned every single detail.

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