New direction comes with new HVAC

I really didn’t see this coming.

Losing my job now was just sort of out of the blue.

That wasn’t the case a year and a half ago. When the pandemic shut down our offices with the zone controlled HVAC, that was when I really worried for my job. There were layoffs pretty much immediately following us having to work from home in our own air conditioning. I survived that first round of job cuts so I thought I was safe. The rest of the crew worked remotely from the safety of the HVAC in our homes. Remarkably, the company really did well. Like we nearly met the revenue goals that were in place prior to the pandemic. That’s pretty impressive given how many other companies our size failed outright. When the office reopened, I was so excited to get back to my office and all that zone controlled HVAC. That’s when I got the shock of my life. Due to restructuring of management, I was out. And it was pretty unceremonious as well. It was a hand shake and somebody packed up my office as I was escorted out of the building. That was tough to handle. However, I took some of the severance to set up a serious home office. I cleared out the guest room and had the HVAC company come in to install a ductless heat pump in that room. From there, it was all about finding whatever work I could find. Eventually, this led to me being a consultant for several of my former competitors.

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