New heating and cooling equipment sure added value for quick sale

The idea that I would be offered the job that I just accepted was not at all on my radar. In fact, I was just thrilled with the fact that I finally got to the zone controlled HVAC of the corporate offices. That was a huge step for me and for my career. But, I had moved around a lot and done whatever the company needed from me for a dozen years to get to that zone controlled HVAC. So when I was called into the big boss’s office, I figured it was about the project I was wrapping up. That wasn’t the case at all. I had been inside this office only one other time. And I was so nervous that I really didn’t pay attention to what an incredible office it was. There was floor to ceiling windows that provided an amazing view of the city. It was beautifully appointed and even had its own thermostat. The boss got right to it and wanted me to head up a regional office that had been flailing for some time. It was certainly something that I was up to. But that meant selling the house that I had just renovated. The new HVAC equipment was barely even four months old. This was not really a request that I could refuse. Had I said no, it’s not like I would be fired but that would be the end of any sort of upward career trajectory as well. But good thing the new HVAC unit was the latest in residential HVAC. I ended up making a ton of money off that house. While I will miss that state of the art residential HVAC and that house, there will be others.

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