New insulation for the basement walls

My old beach house rarely has insulation in the basement walls.

In fact, I didn’t even realize that the insulation was a problem until I decided to have a routine inspection on my cooling and heating equipment.

It didn’t take long before the company told me the biggest problem was actually with a loss of energy. That loss of energy was occurring in my basement. After much anticipatory looking, the people I was with plus myself were able to see only 2 in of insulation where there should have been eight. It was no worry or wonder that our Heating and Cooling components weren’t working properly. The people I was with plus myself spoke with the company about several ways to change the problem. We honestly came up with cleaning the ductwork + providing service to the AC at this time. Instead of getting rid of the products plus trying something else, the best idea certainly seemed to be going with the added Insulation at the time first. Extra insulation in our attic was only a few dollars when compared to the price for a brand new furnace. Even the heating and cooling contractor believe this was certainly the best idea. For $390, the two of us got the insulation filled in our walls and save some money on a brand new furnace in the boot. It was a good idea plus I’m glad someone was there to give us the idea instead of selling us some type of Rich product from the manufacturers catalog. That’s what I call a very good customer service.

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