New mini-split system for the sunroom!

Not too long ago, my folks were on the market to find this new beach house to call their retirement home.They had regularly rented apartments and houses throughout their lives, so my dad finally said he had enough and wanted property of their own.

They saved up enough money to purchase a beach house with their name on the deed, and they were so excited by the prospect! I wanted to secure the perfect property for them, so I helped them look for several weeks before this one was found.

In that time, we sought out a section that had everything they needed, and was within their budget! One of the things that my dad desperately needed was a peaceful outdoor section to relax in, so when we found this lovely beach house equipped with a nice sunroom in the back, this had to be the place for them! I urged them to buy the beach house, and was so gleeful about the sunroom! The best space of the sunroom, my dad and I thought, was the presence of air vents on the central wall. Normally, that means that the sunroom was still connected to the central heating and cooling system! Extra Air Temperature Control in this satellite space wasn’t going to be a concern. I was actually gleeful at the prospect of having now working Heating and Cooling at my fingertips in the sunroom! What I had not considered though, was just how much extra energy it would take to sufficiently heat or cool the poorly insulated room for my parents! It became clearly apparent that they should learn not rely on the central gas furnace, or the a/c for this job. That is, unless I wanted to spend money in even higher installments. Today, I am talking to my Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman to get my parents set up with mini-split ductless heating and cooling systems for the house.


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